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Kathleen is a 3rd Generation "Washed-Ashore" inhabitant of MV. Her grandparents, Mary O'Grady and William Lynch, first set foot on the island in the early 1950s and made their summer home on Hiawatha Park in Oak Bluffs. At varying times, their 11 children visited, lived and worked on the island. One of the 11 is Kathleen's mother, Mildred Lynch. "Millie" was a long time resident of the island and waitressed in several well-known establishments in OB. It was on MV that Mildred met and married a Steamship Authority worker named 'Chic' Santos - Kathleen's father. Kathleen's early childhood was shaped by a wealth of experiences unique to MV.


When William Lynch passed away in 1961 (he is buried on MV), Mary O'Grady sold the family home and left the island. However, the family ties to MV were never severed. In 2003, Kathleen fulfilled a long standing family dream of returning to MV in residence. She purchased an aging Oak Bluffs bungalow, near the home once owned by her grandparents. The property has been extensively renovated over several years. Today, 'Kathleen's Kottage' provides a quaint and cozy refuge for family and friends to enjoy the magic that is Martha's Vineyard.



The “Host-Home” Concept and Massachusetts General Laws


Author and B&B expert, Susan Brown defines the 'Host-Home' as an owner-occupied home where accomodating guests in one to three rooms is secondary to the use of the home as a private residence. "The hosts are primarily interested in meeting new people," and, in the case of Kathleen's Kottage, providing a cozy, family-like atmosphere from which to enjoy all the Island has to offer. The small size and arrangement of suites is ideal for individuals, couples, or families seeking quaintness and privacy.


Kathleen’s Kottage is a licensed “Bed & Breakfast Home” defined under Massachusetts Law as a “private owner-occupied house where three or fewer rooms are let and a breakfast is included in the rent,…” Because it is a residential kitchen and only breakfast is served to guests, Kathleen’s Kottage is not required by code to have food prepared in the kitchen regulated and inspected by the board of health.  Kathleen’s Kottage is ServSafe Certified by the National Restaurant Association (certificate # 16372741).



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